Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Getting Started...

Welcome, all, to this blog, where I shall be posting all sorts of fun, literary-related stuff. You can expect poetry, short fiction, book reviews and more. If anyone wants to suggest any content in the comments, please do, as I'm always looking for new ideas.

So, to start things off, how about a poem?

The Poet’s Notebook

See the Poet’s notebook, the half-unfinished words,
The songs and tales of love and loss and songs you never heard.
Take the paper in your hand and open up the book,
And lose yourself and step inside, lost in just one look.

A Poet’s world is a place to be,
So much to think, to say and see.
And words to write and songs to sing,
A word and song for anything.

See the Poet’s notebook, there’s stories on the page,
Tales of here and now and then and every other age.
Read the words and see the mind that brought those words to you,
The words so old from long ago and maybe something new.

A Poet’s world is a place to hide,
And who knows if the Poet lied?
Who cares if what he says is true?
It’s all the same, to me and you. 

Hope you enjoyed that, and it gave a taste of things to come. Any comments are more than welcome. Up next, some short fiction. 

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