Thursday, 23 January 2014

A Poem:What Use

I've not managed to make any progress on the third writing exercise today, as I'm struggling to find a decent premise, setting and character to base the piece on given the limited use of first-person pronouns. It's certainly a challenge, and has had me perplexed all day.

In the mean time, what about another poem from my archives? This one is a personal favourite of mine; playing around with the different fonts to create effect is not something I've really done a lot of, but I think it works here quite well, adding a visual element to the poem.

I can't recall exactly what inspired this one, it may have just been that the first lines popped into my head and it exploded from there (to be honest, a lot of my work is created in this way). What I can recall is that I wrote it first and then went back and added the 'special effects' fonts, and I certainly think they improve it.


What use is hope when there's no hope at all?
What use is virtue when heroes can fall?
What use is knowledge if we can't know it all?
What use is anything new?

What use is valour if we hide from the pain?
What use is fire if we can't find a flame?
What use is courage with nothing to gain?
What use is paying our dues?

What use is love when there's a world full of hate?
What use is time is no one will wait?
What use is foresight when we can't see our fate?
What use is light to the blind?

What use is trust with nothing to fear?
What use is running when darkness is near?
What use is talking when no one will hear ?

What use is waiting behind?

As always, if anyone has any thoughts, then feel free to leave a comment. 

Thanks for reading. 

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