Thursday, 13 March 2014

A Poem: Words

Unfortunately I've been too busy this week to work on any of my various writing projects, but I have just about found time to throw together a poem. As always, notes are below, and here's the poem:


I send out words, mercurial messengers
Into the silence on paper wings
To tell you so many things.

I hear your words, leaves on the breeze,
Blowing to places new,
Memories of you.

I send out words, an army ‘gainst the world
To the field of battle; a page so white
Arrayed and ready to fight.

I see their words, a wall of derision,
Blank and faceless, unquestioning glares,
Accusing strangers’ stares.

I send out words, a ship to the stars,
To travel a world away
And say what I can’t say.

The words come back, a dream to far,
Echoes from across the dark
Too cold to hold a spark.

I send out words, a part of myself
To show you what I cannot be,
A lying portrait of me.

Words to a mirror
Words to a wall
Words for my own world
And words for us all. 


Poet's Notes: 
- There's not an awful lot to say about this one; only that the stanza structure is something a little unusual for me, being far shorter than I'm usually happy with. However, I think it works, especially with the first 6 stanzas essentially functions as pairs, a call-and-answer of words spoken and returned. 

As always, thanks for reading, and feel free to comment. 

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