Tuesday, 4 February 2014

A Poem: Memory Four Ways

Another Day, another poem.

Memory Four Ways

An echo, a word from some other world,
Calling across the voids and heard,
An echo, a legend that tells me the truth,
An echo, a voice that reminds me of you.
(Those memories, too few)

A ghost of a smile on your face as you pass,
A hammer to shatter this old heart of glass,
A ghost of a smile that will tear me apart,
The point of that smile like the tip of a dart.
(Scarring my heart)
A shadow of doubt that is soon thrown away,
A shadow that brightens the darkest of days,
The shadow of you is all that I see,
That shadow of you that can’t set me free.
(What does that make me?)

Reflections of dreams that I see in your eyes
In dreams, the reflection is nothing but lies,
The lies that I cling to like everything’s new,
The lies that I call the reflections of you 
(My friend, of you)

Poet's notes:
- This is a continuation of my experiment with unusual (for me, at least) use of structure. While the verse tends to hold true to the fairly simple AABB rhyming pattern, I've played around with adding an 'afterthought' to each stanza, separate from the main part of the verse, deliberately echoing the last rhyme. I think this fits quite well with the theme of memory and recurring thoughts, as it drags out the verse a little longer, purposefully jarring with the rhythm but extending the rhyme.

As always, any comments are welcome and thanks for reading.

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